Care Act in Effect and Zoom Virtual Background

The Care Act is already in effect! My accountant’s family member already received $1,200 in his bank account. Small business owner applications for grants and payroll protection program are available and easy to complete (less than 20 minutes). See the links below.

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Good Luck!

Note a slight Correction on 4/14/20 – The $1,200 stimulus wire from accountants family member was premature and he said he provided misleading information. However, good news is, others have confirmed payments have now been received.

Care Act Response:

LISC Small Business Relief Grants

SBA Disaster Relief Grant

Payroll Protection Program (with Bank of America)

If you bank somewhere else, then you should receive an email from your bank with link to apply for this. If you haven’t received an email from your bank yet, then I would call or email them within in the next couple business days.

Other options available here –

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