Empowering a Virtual Workforce


First it’s our priority to make this work virtual because our socio economic climate and quality of life depends on it. Second, your environment in the digital age does not have to determine your ability to get project management results.


Communicate, Communicate and Focus BUT have a strategy and plan and WAY of doing this that is effective and gets results Decide how often to communicate? What will be discussed? What tools to use?

Make it Agile!

1. Meet at least once a day if not twice morning and evening. Project managers know the power of consistent connection, follow-up, and collaboration with the team to achieve desired results.

2. Ask people how they are doing and show empathy! Be sure to provide tips/tricks address those real life challenges given the nature of the situation and then get to the goals/objectives and strategy to achieve them and the progress to complete with key takeaways.

3. Leverage tools like Lucidchart, Smartsheet, Zoom, Keap, Google Hangouts, Microsoft teams, OneDrive, and more. These tools are great for brainstorming/creative sessions for enhanced collaboration and documentation and making sure you set course and stay on track.

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