Project Management Service

Transform Performance

Project Management Service

Transform Performance

People Engagement

Manage Change

Ensure people buy-in, support, and encourage initiative execution and adoption at all levels to realize the intended transformation.

Project Management

Reach Objectives

Implement programs effectively prioritizing efforts in order to excel in moving forward to next level without comprising quality.

System Implementation

Automate Success

Identify, implement, and fully integrate technology platforms to help you begin modernizing your business.


Data Analytics

Solution & Insights

Re-engineer data process and obtain relevant data solutions enhancing your business to cut waste and make data-driven decisions.

Strategy & Innovation

Advance Company

Create new ideas and give direction, generating great business deals to keep your business at the top of its industry.


Complex Challenges.

Leadership Solutions.

We partner with leaders to achieve the desired outcomes in their businesses and their investing endeavors.  We  work alongside you to optimize your enterprise through successful co-directing and management of endeavors and initiatives set forth. We do this through a series of workshops designed to increase productivity, streamline processes, expand margins, and increase income. This is done by a comprehensive evaluation of the current situation, strategic services, program management development, project management execution, and business coaching for real life success.  The purpose is geared toward enabling the business owner with better equipped talent, strategic vision, processes, systems, and analytics. We are capable of helping businesses across varies sizes and industries proven by our history of delivering goals and objectives.  We have achieved this by completing initiatives successfully through encouraging and guiding business leaders using various strategic practices, setting direction, inspiring and building confidence, and adopting the latest systems making a way for a innovative, successful business offering positioned for profitable, customer values appreciated by the marketplace shown by the bottom line of the firm's bookkeeping and financial outlining.

"Value Integrators was essential in helping our company in moving from the building to operations phase with a targeted strategy after thorough audit. They worked with us in an intimate manner to ensure our success through adopting our brand identity and voice, offering critical advice when needed, assisting in the execution of tasks, and providing much needed technical and creative support. When we needed to quickly restructure, they were there, ready to support and assist. Especially the prompt way they replied to our quickly growing needs and set us on the international path within only a few months. Without Value Integrators, Holistic Caring would not have the organization, marketing reach, and the expert knowledge it has today.”

Elisabeth Mack - Founder & CEO at Holistic Caring

"Sarah managed multiple Salesforce projects and implementations across key service lines for Ovation Fertility. Some of Sarah's key deliverables included: upgrading Ovation CRM, creating system for opportunity management, improving process for customer ordering and mass data conversion. Sarah provided structure, discipline, and focus to our projects. She is well-versed in all aspects of project management, and with her leadership, she ensured each solution was efficient, HIPAA compliant, and on-time. Everybody on our team sincerely appreciates her dedication to our company's success."

Whitney Baker - Operations Manager at Ovation Fertility

"Sarah Patterson thinks out of the box. When presented ideas for possible business ventures, Sarah is masterful at strategizing creative outcomes! She pays great attention to details. In my makeup business,  I often am creating new products. At a social gathering in my home, I was fortunate to share a beautiful new shade of blush. Sarah saw it and I applied it to her cheeks. She looked in the mirror and said "this is delicious!" and thus the blush was named. If you would like your business to get a boost, Sarah Patterson is the right person to have a meeting with."

Sally Van Swearingen - Owner of The A LIST Hair and Makeup Studio

“SP Global (now Value Integrators) did an excellent job with mapping out all of our data feeds and processes, and leading/conducting several very important data migrations. SP Global's attention to detail and ownership mentality engender great confidence in the business owner (namely, me).”

Michael Corwin - Vice President of Business Development and Partnerships at Beachbody, LLC

"As an international risk consultancy, helping clients working in high-risk jurisdictions facing complex regulatory requirements means we need the right complement of expertise and understanding of data and systems. Sarah has been a terrific contributor in bringing her cross-functional skills across information systems, process engineering, and program management while also helping us to develop high performing teams throughout locations we operate in. Sarah has supported us in the US, South America and on other global technology initiatives. We are grateful to call on Sarah to assist us as we expand."

Al Park - Partner at Control Risks, LLC

"Sarah worked with me in one of the biggest corruption investigation cases in Brazil, supporting the investigation managers to quickly address client's concerns, facilitating the communication among multiple teams and stakeholders, and adding significant value with her management skills. She was a tremendous help to our investigation process and really brought a new insightful perspective that helped our teams overcome unexpected adversity."

Cleber Ikeda - Director of Compliance, Forensics and Intelligence at Control Risks, LLC

“Sarah led a key finance project to migrate a $200m revenue subscription business onto the SAP application. She has a thorough knowledge of SAP, she has a strong leadership and project management skills and without her dedication and focus the project would not have been a success. I would be happy to provide more detail if required.”

Mark Murphy - Director of Finance at Fitch Solutions

“Sarah kept on top of the multiple project streams. She brought issues to the steering committee quickly and promptly, which enabled resources to be redeployed to meet the go-live goals.”

David Sinclair - Managing Director of Finance at Fitch Ratings, Inc.

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