Value Integrators

Sarah D. Patterson, Founder & CEO, MBA PMP


“I help empower businesses to unlock their potential, to get them aligned and motivated while ensuring we are fulfilling their purpose, strategy, and objectives."

I have more than 15 years of experience across a variety of industries including healthcare, technology, financial services, fitness, compliance, forensics, and intelligence, and more.

I have solved complex problems in global companies spanning several functional areas and am known for “seeing the forest through the trees.” I served national and international clients with a razor sharp focus based upon driving high value and growth throughout their organizations. I have a wide range of experience providing a unique offering and track record to draw from in solving the most complex and unchartered assignments.

I believe that the people, technology, processes, and data in your organization should add value to the company, and not be a chore to maintain. Businesses should also be able to rely on these to make sound decisions. My experience collaborating with different companies, understanding their specific intricacies, identifying customized solutions, and executing the plan outlines that I have built a reputation as an effective and efficient partner for any size business.

Life purpose is:  Freeing influencers to serve by catalyzing their potential and joy!

Brian Holler, Chief Marketing Officer


“Quality is not an act, it’s a habit.”

I worked in media, education, business development, marketing, technology, and entertainment for many years before launching our agency. I advise business owners, entrepreneurs, and independent contractors on how to manage their outreach, sales, customer service processes, marketing, advertising, and communication strategy in efficient and cost-effective ways.

Essentially, I am an advisor, educator, and strategist who has a strong inclination towards motivating others and making a difference. I am part of an awesome collective of people, and together, we create and unlock incredible value for a wide range of industries.

As a result of my experiences, I understand the importance of outreach, sales, customer service, marketing, advertising, communication strategies, and of course, being cost and time-efficient. The strongest arsenal of tools in my Success Toolbox are Value Integrators’ key assets – our creative team of techies and think-tankers who analyze, build, and implement top-level solutions.  

Life purpose is: Helping people see that they are much more powerful than they realize.

Our Philosophy

To say that technology has changed the world in just a few short years is something of an understatement, and it continues to evolve at an even faster pace. This makes flexibility and adaptability vital for businesses who hope to be successful in the future.

At Value Integrators, we help companies bring forth organizational alignment and performance, maximizing their value to the benefit of employees, customers, partners, and shareholders. We believe unique value can be redefined and unlocked by aligning business focus and technology capabilities to the growing demands of the marketplace.

We always bring SITE - strategy, innovation, transformation, and execution - to everything we do for our clients. Whether you have a current project that needs to turnaround, or you are seeking to build a solid foundation to keep pace with a changing landscape, our solutions can help.


Meaning Of Value Integrators


We create NEW value through people and data. We unlock INHERENT value through operational and technological optimization by incorporating robust project delivery focused on value, quality and triad mix of cost, scope, and time.


We are certified, experienced consultants that work within and across silos. And we connect the business with the people to create a unified whole bringing SITE (strategy, innovation, transformation, execution) into every activity we undertake.

Value Integrators

Because we look to integrate every element of value, we capture the greatest area under the curve and gain maximum synergistic leverage.

Imagine puzzle pieces of silo value strewn on a glass table. Not very useful on their own. But combined, form a complete, beautiful picture that evokes something emergent, and uniquely powerful.

Word Definition



The importance, worth, or usefulness of something (cut costs, increase revenues, improve performance).

A fair return or equivalent in goods, services, or money for something exchanged (ROI).


Something intrinsically desirable; consider to be important or beneficial; have a high opinion of.



To combine, blend, coordinate two or more things so that they become a functioning or unified whole.

To capture the area under a curve.


Connect to purpose and mission; to integrate an experience.

What We Stand For

  • Excellence

    We believe expert capabilities and professionalism are absolutely essential, upon which we must deliver value, impact, and results every time. However, high performance is not enough: we see EXCELLENCE as the constant striving for mastery which requires elevating our extensive know-how and experience with ever-greater levels of expertise. Excellence itself is not something can be tangibly expressly or measured; it is that superior total experience recognized by our clients when we incomparably help them achieve their mission and objectives.

  • Trust

    TRUST requires that integrity, honesty, transparency, and respect for confidentiality must be at the core of our every interaction. We believe trust is mutually reinforced when we demonstrate commitment to be our best, to life-long learning, personal development, constant improvement, and encourage the same from our clients. Our credibility stands on our constant commitment to education, honing best practices, applying new cutting-edge techniques, and challenging our own high standards to keep us at the top of our game (and yours).

  • Love

    We deeply care about positively impacting the lives of the clients we serve and the people they serve. For us, LOVE means engaging our hearts in our work, not just our minds and bodies: we seek to bring joy, fun, laughter and happiness to our engagements. We honor, value, respect, and embrace the authentic individuality of each client, their professional ambitions as well as their own creative, personal expression. We honor selflessness, sacrifice and generosity of spirit and are ferociously loyal to our clients which includes, in the spirit of true partnership, not being afraid to share “tough love” as appropriate.

  • Collaboration

    We view ourselves and our client partners as a collective, integrated team. Resilience of that team requires perseverance, engaging and communicating with differing skills, personalities and viewpoints to ensure robust outcomes. Agility and innovation require the courage to propose, consider, discuss and test creative changes that, although possibly disruptive, serve the highest interests of the client and the project. In this way, we view COLLABORATION as standing shoulder-to-shoulder in architecting and co-creating a bright, exciting, dynamic, and successful future together.

What We Stand For

  • Quality and Performance

  • Unity and Reliability

  • Integrity and Joy

  • Love and Passion

  • Trust and Transparency

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