Sarah D. Patterson, MBA, PMP, Founder/Owner

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“I help empower businesses to unlock their potential, to get them aligned and motivated while ensuring we are fulfilling their purpose, strategy, and objectives."

I have more than 15 years of experience across a variety of industries including healthcare, technology, financial services, fitness, compliance, forensics, and intelligence, and more.

I have solved complex problems in global companies spanning several functional areas and am known for “seeing the forest through the trees.” I served national and international clients with a razor sharp focus based upon driving high value and growth throughout their organizations. I have a wide range of experience providing a unique offering and track record to draw from in solving the most complex and unchartered assignments.

I believe that the people, technology, processes, and data in your organization should add value to the company, and not be a chore to maintain. Businesses should also be able to rely on these to make sound decisions. My experience collaborating with different companies, understanding their specific intricacies, identifying customized solutions, and executing the plan outlines that I have built a reputation as an effective and efficient partner for any size business.

Life purpose is:  Freeing influencers to serve by catalyzing their potential and joy!

Brian Holler, Chief Marketing Officer / Managing Consultant

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"Quality is not an act, it’s a habit." - Aristotle

I worked in media, education, business development, marketing, technology, and entertainment for many years before launching our agency. I advise business owners, entrepreneurs, and independent contractors on how to manage their outreach, sales, customer service processes, marketing, advertising, and communication strategy in efficient and cost-effective ways.

Essentially, I am an advisor, educator, and strategist who has a strong inclination towards motivating others and making a difference. I am part of an awesome collective of people, and together, we create and unlock incredible value for a wide range of industries.

As a result of my experiences, I understand the importance of outreach, sales, customer service, marketing, advertising, communication strategies, and of course, being cost and time-efficient. The strongest arsenal of tools in my Success Toolbox are Value Integrators’ key assets – our creative team of techies and think-tankers who analyze, build, and implement top-level solutions.  

Life purpose is: Helping people see that they are much more powerful than they realize.

Alp Atabay, PhD, Brand, Corporate Communications and Fundraising Consultant

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"On calm waters, every ship has a good captain." - Nautical Proverb

I have been providing communication design solutions to businesses and institutions for over a decade. In addition to hands-on experience in print advertising and video production at multi-national agencies, I have also had the privilege to teach the craft of media as an instructor. Today I offer corporate communications, branding and brand strategy services to numerous clients from around the globe as a consultant.

As a brand strategist and marketing executive I have developed a skillset that enables me to manage both the timely delivery of ideas and materials for the necessities of fast-pace projects and the commitment that year-long campaigns require. I have created written and visual content for businesses from various industries, managed campaigns in 6 states and 3 continents, built pitch decks that helped raise millions in funding, and provided strategy and tools for companies operating in real estate development, fin-tech, museums, gaming / casinos, cannabis, higher education and investment visa programs. 

My experience as a creative team leader entails managing designers, production crews, digital marketing specialists, and training B2B sales and investment presentation teams.

Life purpose is: Contributing to the pursuit of excellence in the arts and sciences.

Our Philosophy

To say that information technology and services has changed the world in just a few short years is something of an understatement, and it continues to evolve at an even faster pace. This makes flexibility and adaptability vital for businesses who hope to be successful in the future.

At Value Integrators, we help companies bring forth organizational alignment and performance, maximizing their value to the benefit of employees, customers, partners, and shareholders. We believe unique value can be redefined and unlocked by aligning business focus and technology capabilities to the growing demands of the marketplace.

We always bring SITE - strategy, innovation, transformation, and execution - to everything we do for our clients. Whether you have a current project that needs to turnaround, or you are seeking to build a solid foundation to keep pace with a changing landscape, our solutions can help.


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