People Empowerment

Five Elements of Successful Vendor Partnerships for Your Company

Successful project management requires a team of trusted advisors and vendors to keep up with ever-shifting trends and meet the unique needs of the business and each of its clients. Building these partnerships with marketing consultants, IT consultants, and others takes time. My fifteen years in program management, procurement, and entrepreneurship in the Greater Los…

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Keeping Talent Through Effective Change Management

As we all know, IT and Data Projects change everything for employees sometimes for the better or for worse?   Why worse?  Well, the job requirements could completely change for them and it’s not exploiting their strengths anymore. BUT. Then you start to see the operations breakdown, company revenues drop, and disagreements among once friendly employees.…

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Empowering a Virtual Workforce

Why? First it’s our priority to make this work virtual because our socio economic climate and quality of life depends on it. Second, your environment in the digital age does not have to determine your ability to get project management results. How? Communicate, Communicate and Focus BUT have a strategy and plan and WAY of…

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